January 24, 2012

How to Build a Snowman

Even with the lack of snow we're continuing with winter writing this week.  Today we worked on a little craft I saw online.  I've never tried this before but thought this would be so much fun.  Who wouldn't love something new that could go instantly wrong, something messy, and crafty?

Have you ever seen this at the store?

With a bit of water you can make some REALLY adorable snowmen!!

Today they worked in groups adding water and stirring, stirring, stirring.  Once they had a doughy consistency they began building their snowmen.  We used a toothpick to hold together each part of the snowman.  We added buttons and used a toothpick for the nose.  I told them they had to dry overnight before adding the finishing touches.  Tomorrow they'll add a mouth, scarf, hat, or earmuffs.

Here's a quick peek of how they look so far!!

We'll also be working on a writing piece.  Tomorrow's lesson will be good writers write directions.  The kiddos will be writing the steps on how to make a snowman.

In my mind I did this backwards.  I would've done the writing first and then the craft.  I have a reading workshop tomorrow and didn't want to leave the sub with the craft.  Plus I kinda wanted to do it too!!  So we made the craft today and they'll write tomorrow.  I think this will actually be the best way in the end.  The kiddos will be able to think back to how they made each part, which will help with their writing.

Look tomorrow for the finished snowmen and writing pieces.  I can't wait to put these outside my room!!


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    1. THANKS! They'll look great with the finishing touches!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love your snowmen! Please post your snowmen again when they are totally finished! We're lacking snow right now too and my kiddos would love this project!
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    1. Check tomorrow!! I used leftover felt for the scarves. They'll use pipe cleaners for earmuffs and if they want a hat I cut the bottom of an egg carton to create them.

  3. We are finishing this same writing piece!!! We have had a lack of snow in Lexington - so my kiddos had a hard time even after brainstorming and what not to write the proper steps - we had to do step by step - so you might surprise yourself with building the snowman first!!! Good luck!


    1. I'm thinking the same-that building the snowman first will help with their writing!