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March 2, 2020

New Addition

So I’ve been MIA for awhile and thought I’d explain.

I don’t often post a lot about my personal life but if I can give one person hope then here goes. We’ve struggled (not just for days, weeks, or months but for years) but you wouldn’t know. We’ve continued to live the best versions of ourself but something has been missing-an extension of us.  I was ready to give up but my husband continued to give me the strength I needed and I will always be eternally grateful to him. We will soon be meeting this miraculous miracle that we can’t wait to start a new adventure with.  I know how hard it is to walk this path in silence, to feel alone, and different from the majority but you are not alone.  I am you, I was you, and I want you to never give up on hope!

We finally added a new addition to our family in July and soon decided it would be best to take the year off to be with her.  And when I say take the year off, I really have let work go for a bit and have focused all of my energy on our sweet little girl.

I’ll be returning to work in the fall ready to go but until then I’ll be snuggling as much as I can, napping, taking in every inch of her, and will be a hot mess.

March 17, 2019

Newsletter for the Week of Mar. 17th

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Friday with Shamrock Shakes.  We also set a trap that we'll check on Monday!