Friday, August 1, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Squeaky Clean

Ah, there's nothing like coming into a freshly cleaned room!!  The floors are shiny and everything is in its place.

I popped in to school to drop off the other tables I made and to spend an hour or so rearranging my room.  I have changed things up a bit but am happy with the look so far.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What Have You Been Up To?

I think I'm finally on summer vacation mode!  I found myself asking what day it was this week.  I'm still up bright and early but there's nothing like kicking up my feet and enjoying a cup of coffee.

I've been busy working on a new color scheme for my room.  I've decided to go with blue chevron and I began changing things around a bit at the end of the school year.  Navy blue bulletin board paper, turquoise chevron border, and some pretty garland I found on Etsy. Pics to come soon.

My dad has been home visiting from Arkansas so what better way to spend his vacation (insert sarcasm here) than helping me build tables!!  Whenever I start a project he just never knows what he's in for.  It's always a lot of fun along the way and I definitely make it entertaining.

I've been wanting some SOLID work tables for my room so I asked for his help.  I just needed him to cut the angles with the "MANLY" tools. I found this DIY table here (Strawberry Chic).  She found a kid's table at Pottery Barn for $200 and decided to make one herself.  I built each table for about $40 (not including paint or finishing coat).

I like projects and consider myself quite handy so once the pieces were cut we built them and I painted.   I made a chevron template, taped it off with painter's tape, and painted away.  I started out only wanting two but once we got started I made a third.  I LOVE how they came out and can't wait to see how my room comes together.

A HUGE thank you to my dad for his help.  Every time I  look at them I'll think of him.  Awe...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Teachers for the Day

It always seems at the end of the year I have students who want to take over the class.  I'm not sure if they think I'm frazzled or if look like I need a nap.

This was my teacher helper last year.  He told me I looked tired and that I needed a break.  I told him to come to school wearing a tie, have books, and be ready to teach.  This is how he looked...

Can it get any cuter than that?

So today, I had two students who wanted to take over without me knowing.  I was working around the room and they were coloring where I normally sit.  All of a sudden I heard them checking over other student's work and telling them what to do next.  Some had to complete work, while others finished, and were given choices.  They were perfect for the job.

There were even a few moments where they were "tough" teachers and I took note.

Here they are helping me out.  They even filled my bucket because I helped a student pick up a MASS amount of dominoes that fell out of the container he was carrying.

I've already had MANY requests from other students to be the teacher tomorrow so I'm sure we'll make it through the next 3 days of school!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mo Willem's Pigeon Books

We've been enjoying Mo Willem's pigeon books!!  Students have been drawing the pigeon any time they have free time.

I have some amazing little artists in my classroom!  Here are a couple of pics.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Look How They've GROWN!

Look how much your child has grown this year.  Here they are at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year.  They're movin' on to second grade soon!

Some students were absent so I haven't yet taken their end of the year pic.  As soon as I do, I'll upload their pictures.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our Chick Announcement

Two chicks have hatched and the kids are beyond excited.  Here are some pics!!

Before the day was over we had one chick that was beginning to peck through the egg.  Hopefully when I arrive tomorrow we'll have one more chick in the incubator.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Big Old Bones: A Dinosaur Tale

Have you checked this book out?  A first grade teacher showed me this book a few years ago and the activity she completes with it.  My students LOVE it every year.

After we learn what a paleontologist is, the tools they use, and how they do their job I read this book. I hide bones (paper pieces) around the room and have them go on a fossil hunt.  

Once they've all been found each student decorates a piece, just like the fabric in the book.

Working as a team, they have to fit the bones back together to create the dino.  This week they made T-Rex.

Next week, they'll try to put Triceratops together.

World of Work Day

This is the second year World of Work Day has been held at our school.  Students have the opportunity to learn about different careers.  Our morning was packed full, checking out a variety of occupations.

We learned more about Food Corps and how plants grow.  Students made a necklace that had a seed inside a clear plastic bag so they could watch it sprout.

We had a quick snack break before moving on to our next activity.  I let my kiddos play on the  BIG kid's playground a few times a year so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for them to get some wiggles out.

Of course when I called for them to line up, one said he was stuck at the top of the climbing wall.  My principal, was quite funny running to the equipment saying she'd save him.  He was grinning the entire time and he did make it down safely.

Next up, we saw a helicopter and they were able to get inside to check it out.  He showed the kids the bucket they use when fighting fires and showed them the controls.  It was quite cool hearing it land at our school.

Then we learned about health occupations.  The ladies who presented had puppets and got the kids involved.  They shared a story of a girl falling out of a tree and went through the steps she would have to go through if she broke her leg.

Finally, we learned what an entomologist does!!  He showed us nets he uses to catch bugs.  He even brought in some REAL bugs from the jungle!!

The butterflies and beetles he had displayed were over 100 years old!!

This was a GREAT opportunity of students and has sparked their interests in careers they maybe have never thought about.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lovin' My New Chevron Rug

So, I 've been wanting to get rid of my foam mat for some time but rugs are SO expensive!!

I found this LOVELY gem at Target.  I really did take some time to decide on whether I needed it or not.  Of course, I DID.  I'm in love with chevron ANYTHING.

It's an indoor/outdoor rug and I felt it was fairly priced compared to how expensive they can be.

Students noticed it first thing this morning and they all fit on it perfectly!  It was meant to be.