October 21, 2016

More on Writer's Workshop

Students have now been introduced to all 3 forms of writing-opinion, narrative, and informational.

We worked on narrative and informational writing this week.

After listening to a read aloud about dad we brainstormed activities we liked to do with our dads.  

I modeled my work and then they wrote.  I also introduced our Writer's Checklist (which is a FREEBIE at my TpT Store Writer's Editing Checklist).  They are now accountable for checking over their work before conferencing with me.

When we begin our spider unit I always start with the opinion piece, "Are you afraid of spiders?"  Of course I wrote I'm not because they're tiny but if I came across a BIG one I just might change my opinion.

They had great opinions.  For those not afraid of spiders they said spiders are tiny and small.  Kids who were afraid of them said they were big, they can bite, you might run into their webs, and the webs are gross.

We've worked so hard in writing and I'm so PROUD of their growth!

More Work with Reader's Ask Questions

What would you do if you had a new sibling and everything you once had was being painted PINK? Would you run away?  Would you hide your things?  Would you be mad or sad?  

We had a lot of "I wonders" and recorded them on our worksheets while reading Peter's Chair.  

Here are a few examples.

Before Reading  
I wonder if they paint the chair pink?  
I wonder if the baby likes pink?  
I wonder if he'll take the dog?  
I wonder why they are painting everything pink?  

I wonder if he will go further?
I wonder if someone will find him?
I wonder if he'll take the chair away?
I wonder if they will paint the chair pink?

I wonder if he really wanted to paint it pink?
I wonder if they will paint all of his things pink?
I wonder if he's happy?

Later in the week we reviewed questioning with the book, Jamaica's Find.  This is such a great book for this age because it's a story they can all relate to.  Finding something and wanting it so badly but knowing it's not yours to keep.  Jamaica is left with a tough decision on if she should return the dog or keep it.

We recorded our questions again.

Here are some examples.

Before Reading
I wonder if the dog is hers?
I wonder if she will play with it?
I wonder will she keep it?

I wonder if she's sad?
I wonder if she will give it back?

I wonder if she likes it?
I wonder if she loves the dog?
I wonder if they will play in the playground?

Students have done a great job with questioning before, during, and after reading.  Next up we'll be learning, "Readers visualize."

Natalee's Boot Was a Talking

Yesterday Natalee came to me to tell me the sole of her boot was coming off.

Instead of sending her right to the office to get a spare pair of shoes we had a bit of fun.  I added some HUGE googly eyes to them and for a moment we pretended her boot could talk as her sole flapped when she walked around the room.

I LOVE having moments like this with each of my kids.  The entire class was laughing about her talking boot as her boot went a walking to the office.

Pumpkin Science

We learned a lot about pumpkins!  We read many informational and fictional books.

Students estimated how many seeds were in our pumpkin and then working in groups we counted.  Our pumpkin had 386 seeds!

We're also going to be observing some seeds and Pumpkin Jack.  We're keeping a daily journal, watching to see if our seeds will begin to change.  Of course we had to carve our pumpkin and wrote the steps.  Then we added seeds and soil to Jack to see if anything sprouts.

Joeley had the closest circumference estimate and won this ninja turtle!

Check back to see updates.

October 16, 2016

Readers Ask Questions

Readers ask questions before, during, and after reading.  I used the book, Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman to teach this strategy.

Here's our thinking.

This is our "Reading is Thinking" board.  I post each strategy as we learn it and then we use it as a reference.

THANK YOU Firefighters

A HUGE thank you to the firefighters who came in last week to talk to our classes about fire safety.  We also got to in a firetruck and ambulance.


We been reading and learning A LOT about pumpkins.

Students have shared what they know, made diagrams, and created some pumpkin art.

To make these silly pumpkins each student will need large orange construction paper and a white pastel (a white crayon would work to).  Have them draw the shape of their pumpkins and add white lines inside.  Starting with red paint they paint one side, then move to orange, and finish the pumpkin with yellow.

In the afternoon, they made their silly pumpkin faces.

Can you tell which one your child made?

Here are ALL of my crazy pumpkins together!!

Happy Birthday Ronan

My Kids are a Riot and they Don't Even Know It!

So I'm sure you've all seen the countless images of kids written responses and hoped that one day you would get some yourself!!  Responses that have you laughing out loud while your class is quietly working.  Well I can say I've finally received some.

As students were writing last week I began looking over their math work.  Of course they had to know what was so funny so I shared some of their responses.  Students were SO proud to let me know what they wrote and claimed the work proudly!

Our new math program has kids writing responses on how they found their answers.  This is all still very new to them but I did get some great answers!