March 26, 2017

Newsletter for the Week of March 27th

Space and our Sundae Party

Students last week picked their favorite planet and wrote a riddle.  They also created a puzzle to go with it.  Working in groups they each took turns reading their riddles, making a guess, and putting the puzzle pieces together to see if they were right.

We also had our "sun"daes in the afternoon.  They enjoyed the sweet treat!

All About Me

Last week we began a new form of writing-informational writing!  What better way to start then to start with what we know best?  Writing about ourselves!!

Students created some rainbow writing where they had to write about what made them unique.

Students also learned about adjectives.  They created a self-portrait and then added labels describing themselves.  Here they are.  I LOVE seeing the artwork my class does!!

We look pretty good hanging out in the hall!

March 21, 2017

Prove It!

In reading groups I've been having students go back and "prove it" by looking for evidence in their books.

This reading group had finished up Clifford.  On their writing day I gave them the question, "What did Emily like to do with Clifford?"

They had to go back through their book and find two things she liked to do with him.

Here's their work!

St. Patty's Day Recap

Here's a quick recap of our day Friday.

Students wrote about when they feel lucky on colored construction paper and added them to a pot of gold.

They also designed a Leprechaun trap before I showed them the one I use every year.

In order to enjoy those delicious Shamrock Shakes we did some How to Writing.

Here are a couple of guys dressed for the day.

And of course we set our trap but that sneaky leprechaun got away. At least he left a note and some of his treasure.

To end the day we met up with Clifford.  Our book fair is currently going on and he made his rounds visiting classrooms.

The Space Race

The Space Race is finishing up this week.  Please make sure your child has read 3 books and returned each ticket!!

On Friday, students who have reached the sun will be making their very own "sun"dae to eat.  YUM!

March 4, 2017

Book Character Day

Friday was Book Character Day.  Here's a picture of some of my kids dressed up as their favorite character.

As a first grade team, we each took a Scaredy Squirrel book.  Mrs. Berube dressed like Scaredy Prepares for Halloween, Miss O was Scaredy at Night, Mrs. Everett was Scaredy Goes Camping, Mrs. Cyr was Scaredy Goes to the Beach, and I was Scaredy Makes a Friend.  Look how much fun we had!