May 21, 2017

Newsletter for the Week of May 22nd

Chick Life

We enjoyed our time with Stew, Chipmunk, Brownie, and Oreo.  They went to a GREAT home at the end of the week where they'll be spoiled!

To celebrate our first chick's arrival we made some hats!

Of course we spent a lot of time with them, letting them run around and taking turns holding them.

And I promise, NO chicks were hurt in the process of getting the pics below.  It has become a tradition of taking pictures of the chicks in a McNugget box!

May 14, 2017

Newsletter for the Week of May 14th and a New Arrival

And in other news...  We had our first arrival tonight and on Mother's Day.  Welcome to the world Stew!!

May 11, 2017

Are you LOVIN' Fidgets?

So, I know fidgets are ALL the rage and have even seen on the news that some schools are banning them.  I've only seen two in my room but the talk in my classroom is EVERYONE wants one.

Today at the end of the day students had a break.  As you can see in the picture I had just told my student to find a friend to play with and she said, "I'm not playing because I have a distraction!"

What a hoot!!  She had me laughing out loud.  Hope you're enjoying all the fidgets if they're showing up in your room.

May 1, 2017


Today was Day 7 with our eggs.  We have 24!!  This is the most I've ever had and I have two incubators set up.

We candled our eggs today.  This is where you shine a light through the egg and look to see a black dot, which is the embryo's eye.  Some of the egg shells were hard to see through so we were unsure of those.  As we looked at each one I put a smiley face or a sad face on the egg.

We saw 15 little eyes looking back at us!!  Here are a few.

Fingers crossed we get a GREAT hatch this year.  Keep checking back for updates.

April 6, 2017

Check Out our Bio Poems and Portraits

Students finished writing their Bio Poem this week and they will now be moving on to animal research!  

Yes, their writing is amazing but look at these portraits!!  Can you believe first graders did these?!

I absolutely LOVE kid's artwork and also LOVE that I don't have to give too many directions.  I showed them they'd be finishing the other half of their face and we talked about symmetry.  Then they went off to work.  

Here are the finished ones.

I'll be adding the rest here as students finish them up so check back.