September 18, 2018

Kevin Henkes Activities

We've read A LOT of Kevin Henkes' books since school has started.  On Friday, we completed some activities to go with a few of our favorites.

For Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, students drew two items they'd want in their purse.  They seemed to all want LOTS of money!

For Chrysanthemum, students added letter beads for their name, sequins, and glitter to a vial.  Once the water was added the shaking began!

For Little White Rabbit, they each made their own rabbit. 

We had lots of FUN and I was exhausted by the end!

Newsletter for the Week of Sept. 17th

Meet Edith

September 14, 2018

Meet Corey

Meet Julie

A New Book to Share that I Love

We've been working this week on writing a complete sentence with a capital, spacing, and ending punctuation.

As I was browsing Amazon, which can be very dangerous, this book popped up and it instantly ended up in my cart.

It's about Scribble, who never thought he was different until he met up with some drawings.  He was left out because he didn't look like the others.  Scribble teaches a VERY important lesson-that it's ok to be different.  Together they created beautiful art.

I also showed my class that a scribble, or mistake could be turned into something beautiful.  Students drew their very own, added details, and wrote a sentence.  Here's some of their work!

Try this lesson and see what your students scribble!

International Dot Day

Get ready to celebrate!!  Saturday is International Dot Day.  We celebrated by reading The Dot by Peter Reynolds and making some to hang in our community.