Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Chick Eggs are Here

Here are ALL 12 eggs.  In 21 days we should have some adorable chicks.  Keep checking back for updates!!

Dinos, Dinos, and More Dinos

We have been consumed with dinos and have learned SO MUCH about prehistoric time.

Students have been working in a dino book and recording facts they have learned about each dino after finishing a dino map.

Here are some pics!!

Kolton came in wearing the most fitting shirt when we began learning about them.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Newsletter for the Week of April 11th

Here's our pup celebrating her first birthday today.  She has kept us quite entertained and on our toes the last 7 months!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

What Do You Like Best About School?

Now, if you ask a teacher this question it might be a bathroom break, a moment to sit, or just calmness in the room as your students are focused on their work.

Well, 6 of my kiddos were asked this very question and here are their responses.  I must say, that I was excited to see my name and felt famous for a moment (well at least at school).  Was she trying to earn some brownie points?  I will say, she did!!

I know we're not often recognized for the hard work we put in, day in and day out, but this makes my heart sing.  To know that they love school, learning, and of course their teachers!!

Silas said, "Learning Math."
Marlee said, "Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Mayo and working hard."
Kolton said, "Running in gym."
Self said, "Writing."
Will said, "Reading."
Kaylee said, "Playing with my friends."

Adjectives and Compound Words

We finished up learning about adjectives by making rainbows and rain clouds.  They look amazing in our room and brighten it up!

This week we've worked with compound words.  After brainstorming a list students made some examples.  This activity has been added to word work!

In other news, Silas wanted me to take a picture of the tower he created.

National Poetry Month

We've spent this week reading and writing poetry.

Students completed a spring poem and have worked on poems about themselves.

Today, they wrote a Bio Poem.

Here are some examples.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How Would You Describe Yourself?

How many adjectives can you come up with to describe yourself?

Students learned about adjectives today.  They were asked to come up with 5 describing words.  Our board was completely filled with FABULOUS adjectives.

Here's their work!

I think I have some pretty cute kids!!

Think Spring!

We've been reading a lot about spring and we're ready for it.  Our winter has been pretty mild so there are no complaints here!

Students wrote a spring poem describing the season.  Using just one color, they drew and painted their springtime picture.