March 17, 2019

Newsletter for the Week of Mar. 17th

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Friday with Shamrock Shakes.  We also set a trap that we'll check on Monday!

February 24, 2019

Newsletter for the Week of Feb. 25th

Remembering Mrs. Rivers

We lost a great lady this week and we're all still in shock.  Over break we got the sad news that our secretary passed away unexpectedly.  We gathered at school on Friday to honor and remember her. After hearing so many stories from others she had a way of connecting with each of us and making us feel loved.

If you knew Mrs. Rivers you knew she was as blunt as can be but also VERY compassionate!  She ran our school at her command station and multi-tasked all day.  Mrs. Rivers was not just our secretary but a school nurse, weather forecaster, a meeting place to order Friday lunches, a counselor, a safe place for students, recess duty teacher, private investigator, and someone you could confide in.    She had a way of building a relationship and connecting with even the most challenging students.  They adored her! They were her "chicks."

What I loved most about her was she was an open book, sharing life's turmoils but also the happiest times of her life.  She in a way became a work mom.  She'd often leave little trinkets or lion's stickers in my mailbox so of course I'd leave little items on her desk.  These small moments all have added up into BIG moments now.  Over time she became more than just a co-worker but a friend.

Next week will be tough...I'll miss hearing her voice over the intercom letting us know the daily weather report, the buzzing into my classroom to tell me about schedule changes, the daily jokes, her chuckle, and her sayings.  I'll miss seeing her face first thing in the morning and one of the last ones on my way out.

She was the heart of our school and will be deeply missed.