January 27, 2015

Penguin Investigations and Mini Books

I just uploaded some Penguin Investigations and Mini Books to my TpT Store if you're interested in checking them out (Penguin Investigations)!!

Winter Fun and a Day Off

Ah, what better topic to write about today?!  WINTER...here I sit on a snow day, under the blankets of course, listening to the wind howl outside.  Fingers crossed we'll have power through the night.  I hope all of you are warm and safe!!

Here is some of the winter work we've completed.  If you haven't seen this book you should check it out!  The kids loved listening to it.

We brainstormed a list of activities we would do if we lived in a snow globe.  After writing, they created the snow globes below.  I took pictures of them acting out what they would do and then they painted the background.  Of course, glitter was needed because who doesn't love a mess?  They came out adorable and are hanging outside our classroom (click to enlarge).

We also completed some penguin number stories.  Here are a few examples.

Hopefully, this storm will clear out soon and we'll be back in school tomorrow.  I REALLY don't want to be in school at the end of June!

January 18, 2015

Animals in Winter

We spent the week learning about animals in winter.  Ask your child about the new science words he/she learned.  We focused on hibernation, migration, and adaptation.

On Friday, we brainstormed a list of animals that fit into each category.  Students picked one animal to write about.

Next up, bears and penguins.

Reading Buddies

With how bitterly cold it has been this week I had a kiddo show up looking like this!!  I mean, what a great idea.  Why hadn't I thought of this?  Could you imagine showing up to work in a comfy rob?  She had me smiling throughout the day.

We started up reading buddies with Ms. Farrell's 3rd grade class.  They were so excited to spend the end of the day reading with a buddy.

Symmetry with Snowmen and Snowflakes

On Friday we took a closer look at symmetry by looking at snowmen.  Working in groups, students had to complete the second half.  Of course I added Olaf into the mix!

After they showed they understood the concept they created a snowflake using shapes.  Here are a few examples.

It's January and I'm Blogging About Gingerbread Men

Yes, I know I haven't blogged in awhile.  I've been busy.  Really busy!! When I saw pictures I still had from back in December I knew it was time to sit down and spend some time blogging.  Time to play catch up!

Here are some pics from when we decorated gingerbread men.  The kids had a blast and ended up eating LOTS of candy!!

We also created a "Wish List" for Santa.  Students came up with great ideas on what Santa might want or need.

January 4, 2015

Newsletter for the Week of January 5th

I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning!!  I hope you're ready to be back.