June 6, 2013

Mad Dash to the Finish Line

So we're out June 11th.  A-L-M-O-S-T there!!  I've had a few moments of bliss this week.

First up, DQ.  As I sat there eating my M&M Blizzard the world around me seemed to fade out (just for a moment) while I enjoyed my delicious treat.

One boy decided to tip his Blizzard upside down just like the ladies at the counter only it didn't work in his favor!  He was showing his friends how to do it.  Luckily, he managed to save some in his cup.

When I asked him what lesson he learned he grinned and said, "Only let the workers tip the ice cream upside down!" Maybe this is a special skill or there's special training involved!

Here's a pic of us outside.

Next up, Lily's mom came in today and let me say she's SIMPLY amazing.  She told me she was going to paint the kiddos faces so I thought simple images on their cheeks.  

Well, take a look at what she did!!  She is looking into making this a business and I think she's got a great idea. The kids were SO excited and the compliments were endless. 

We had ladybugs, Mario, a dog, tigers, zombies (which seems to be the new rave), a princess, dragon, butterfly, vampires, and the Hulk.

Fierce looking.

She suggested a palm tree for me and I couldn't resist.  The warm ocean breeze, beautiful sunset, and birds in the sky. Oh, the memories of Hawaii...snap back to reality!