December 3, 2017

Newsletter for the Week of Dec. 4th

On another note, I have one of the sweetest classes.  On Friday, when a student moved his desk the toolbox with all of the school supplies fell onto the floor.  Everyone went to help him clean up the spill!  So sweet!!

Readers Infer

Looking for some GREAT books on making inferences!  These are some of the books I shared with my class last week.  Students have learned that they use what they already know and the clues in the book (text or illustrations) to come to a conclusion.

We had a lot of fun with the books below!!

They practiced responding in their Readers' Notebooks.

November 5, 2017

Gymnastics at the YMCA

We spent Friday afternoon at the Y!  Students did gymnastics and had a blast.  A BIG thank you to Mrs. R for setting this up for us.

All About Spiders

We spent the week learning more about spiders.  We focused on Tarantulas and Black Widows.  Students created a two page investigation where we worked with informational text features.

Once completed, they weaved a web and made their very own 3D spider!

Newsletter for the Week of Nov. 6th

October 22, 2017

Newsletter for the Week of Oct. 23rd

A Look at Our Week

This week we focused on, "Readers make connections."

I always use Scaredy Squirrel to begin my mini-lessons.  I mean, he's AFRAID of everything and kids can relate to him.  Students had to write one thing they were afraid of and share what they'd use to help with their fear.  They also made Scaredy Squirrels to go with their writing.

Here are a few examples.

I also used the book, Knuffle Bunny.  Students responded in their Readers' Notebooks about a time they lost something.

I introduced Narrative Writing this week.  Students created Heart Maps where they listed topics they could write about.

After listening to a read aloud about mom, I modeled what I did with my mom as a child, and they practiced.

And last but not least, here are our CRAZY pumpkins!  I love making these every year.  

To make these you need:
-Orange construction paper
-White pastels
-Red, orange, and yellow paint

Have students draw the outline of their pumpkin with the white pastel.  Starting with red paint begin painting, then add orange, yellow, and blend.

Once dry make your VERY own unique face.

October 15, 2017

A Week in Review

We had a busy week!  The firefighters were at our school all week.  We met with them to talk about fire safety and had a look at their trucks.

Reading groups are up and running.  Please make sure to practice the books that are coming home. Students are also responding to their books in their Reader's Notebook.

We focused on, "Readers ask questions before, during, and after reading.  Students have listened to books and responded in their notebooks.  I used the books below to teach this strategy.

They wrote their "I wonders" on a sentence strip and made a bear to go with it.

Newsletter for the Week of Oct. 16th

October 8, 2017

A Look at Our Week

We had our First Kindness Counts!  This is where we meet as a community and recognize two students from each classroom for working hard and being kind.

From my room, Mrs. Mitchell, picked Aiden and Cayden.

Great work boys!

My pumpkin family also arrived at school and the kids are quite excited!  I paint some each year and students have the opportunity to win one.  They make estimates on the circumference around the pumpkin.

We also had our Ice Cream Social on Friday.  A perfect ending to the day-ice cream and playing outside in the sun!

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