April 28, 2014

Dino Learning

We've been learning A LOT about dinosaurs.  I enjoy teaching this unit because I absolutely LOVED dinos growing up.  In first grade, I was sure I'd be a paleontologist one day!  Who wouldn't want to spend the day digging up dino bones?

Students have been listening to read alouds, exploring books, and writing dinosaur facts.  After we learn about each one we create a Dino Map.  Kids list important facts and then go to writing.

They each have a Dino Fact book where they have to write 3 new facts.  Here are a couple of examples.  More to come this week.

The Eggs are Here

What an EXCITING day!!  Just as I finished setting up our incubator the eggs arrived.  Tomorrow students will help me place the eggs into the incubator.

Kids made predictions on how many days it would take for the chicks to hatch.  There was quite a range.  Predictions ranged from 2 to 70 days.  The correct answer was on the board but I didn't tell them!!  I told them to think about it again and we'll talk tomorrow.

I'm sure some kiddos will be asking you!!  Maybe one of you will know.

Awesome Adjectives

Last week we completed some work with adjectives.  Students had to describe themselves.  Here are some examples.  After looking them over, MOST students thought they were silly.  I'm sure you'd agree.

April 27, 2014

New Products on TpT

I just uploaded some NEW products to my TpT store!  I added some chick, dinosaur, and frog work.

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April 15, 2014

Tax Break Sale

Have you done your taxes?  I'm a lucky girl!!  My husband does them for us (phew, one less thing to think about).  We seem to be paying in now every year.  Not sure how that happens but it does.

Everything in my store is on sale today and tomorrow!!  Enjoy the sale.  Take a peek at my store (TpT Store).

April 13, 2014

Good Readers Visualize

Last week our Mini Lesson was, "Good readers visualize."

I also complete this unit with poetry.  We highlight important words that help to paint a picture in our mind.  Then the kids illustrate.

Last week, students worked with the poem, "Bod, My Fat Cat."

I also introduced Homophones.  We brainstormed a list so during Daily 5 they can write and illustrate homophones on pears.

Blast Off to Outer Space

Another week is about to begin and I haven't even filled you in on what we were up to last week.  The days are just flying by.

Would you go to outer space?  Most of my kids said they would if they could.

We finished up our Moon Unit and I always wrap up with some space art.  To complete this art you need LARGE white paper.  The kids have to follow my directions on creating themselves as astronauts but after that it's ALL their own creativity.

Students worked with a partner to trace their feet at the bottom of the page.  Then then traced their hands in the middle of the page.  I gave some quick instructions on how to create the rest of the body.

Once they had their outline done they went over it with crayon.  I placed black paint around the room and they laid on the floor painting. I even heard a kiddo say, "This is so much fun!"  Love it!!

Here is their artwork.  I love how unique and individual each one is.

April 4, 2014

Noun Town

This week we've focused on nouns.  We even went on a noun hunt around our school listing people, places, and things.

Today we brainstormed what we wanted to add to our Noun Town. Every year I'm ALWAYS added to this lovely town!

Click on pic to enlarge.
I was laughing out loud as I watched some of the kiddos adding their pics to the mural.  We have Taylor Swift next to me and Justin Bieber. If you look closely he's holding a mic and what's that?  A donut?  Yes indeed, for when he gets hungry on stage.  Maybe in-between songs.

New to our town this year.  Abe Lincoln!!  I love the bubble speech Abbie added to her picture ("I'M ON A PENNY!!).  It appears he's holding a boombox too.  I wonder what type of music he listened to? Maybe he'd listen to Justin Bieber if he were alive today!

All I did was glue the roads to large green paper and the kids did the rest.  As the kids added their illustrations I added white stickers so they could label.

I love how Noun Town turns out each year.  The kids are so creative and take ownership of their work.  Throughout the day I found them gazing at and reading the labels on their newly created town!

April 1, 2014

Informational Writing

We've begun looking at informational writing more in depth.

Students have completed Investigations all year and have enjoyed that process.  Last week students spent time writing about themselves.  They wrote about what made them special.

This week we talked about biographies.  Working with a buddy, students interviewed each other.  After their rough drafts were complete they filled in their final drafts today.

Here are some kiddos at work.

You can check out my Biography Writing at my TpT Store.

Next up...looking through informational texts for nonfiction features. Students will also be picking an animal to research.  We'll wrap up the year by writing animal reports!