April 13, 2014

Blast Off to Outer Space

Another week is about to begin and I haven't even filled you in on what we were up to last week.  The days are just flying by.

Would you go to outer space?  Most of my kids said they would if they could.

We finished up our Moon Unit and I always wrap up with some space art.  To complete this art you need LARGE white paper.  The kids have to follow my directions on creating themselves as astronauts but after that it's ALL their own creativity.

Students worked with a partner to trace their feet at the bottom of the page.  Then then traced their hands in the middle of the page.  I gave some quick instructions on how to create the rest of the body.

Once they had their outline done they went over it with crayon.  I placed black paint around the room and they laid on the floor painting. I even heard a kiddo say, "This is so much fun!"  Love it!!

Here is their artwork.  I love how unique and individual each one is.

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