April 4, 2014

Noun Town

This week we've focused on nouns.  We even went on a noun hunt around our school listing people, places, and things.

Today we brainstormed what we wanted to add to our Noun Town. Every year I'm ALWAYS added to this lovely town!

Click on pic to enlarge.
I was laughing out loud as I watched some of the kiddos adding their pics to the mural.  We have Taylor Swift next to me and Justin Bieber. If you look closely he's holding a mic and what's that?  A donut?  Yes indeed, for when he gets hungry on stage.  Maybe in-between songs.

New to our town this year.  Abe Lincoln!!  I love the bubble speech Abbie added to her picture ("I'M ON A PENNY!!).  It appears he's holding a boombox too.  I wonder what type of music he listened to? Maybe he'd listen to Justin Bieber if he were alive today!

All I did was glue the roads to large green paper and the kids did the rest.  As the kids added their illustrations I added white stickers so they could label.

I love how Noun Town turns out each year.  The kids are so creative and take ownership of their work.  Throughout the day I found them gazing at and reading the labels on their newly created town!

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