January 28, 2016

Readers Ask Questions Before, During, and After Reading

This week we've focused on, "Readers ask questions before, during, and after reading.  We began our sentences with, "I wonder..."

We read the books below and listed questions we had before, during, and after each story.

I read Where's my Teddy?  and the kids wrote their "I Wonders" on a Post-It.  Then they wrote one on a sentence strip and created a bear to go with it.

Of course I had one creative guy ask if he could make it look like a lego.  My answer was, "Of course!"

We have also finished up our unit on bears.  Next up...penguins!

FUN at the YMCA

Our amazing gym teacher, Mrs. R., set up a day for us to walk to the Y to learn gymnastics.  There were different activities for students to try.

Some were nervous and unsure at first but by the end everyone was having a blast.

The best activity at the Y was definitely the pit, which was 6 feet deep with foam cubes!

January 22, 2016

Life in a Snow Globe

Would you want to live in a snow globe?

We just read the book below and brainstormed a list of what they would do in a snow globe.  After writing, they created their very own snow globe art.

Their artwork is simply amazing!!  I took a picture of each student demonstrating what they'd do for an activity.  The rest was up to them.  They're such a creative bunch!!  Here they are stuck in a snow globe.

A Look at Narrative Writing

We've been working on narrative writing.  Students created a Heart Map to help them with what they can write about.  We write about what is near and dear to our heart.

Our focus has been writing an opening, three events, and a wrap up.  Students are also including sequencing words in their writing.

After hearing many versions of The Mitten, students created their own version.  Here are two examples.

Now that they're getting the hang of creating a story, they're using a story planner to plan their VERY OWN stories.  Star Wars seems to be the rage right now.  Some are creating stories about their families, trips, and pets while others are writing fiction.

January 13, 2016

Wind Blown

Boy, was the wind a blowing today!  The kids came in wet, with red cheeks, and were wind blown.

Thanks for making sure they're dressed for the winter weather.

January 6, 2016