May 18, 2015

Is it June YET?

SO I'm sure you've seen this...

And this...

And this...

My first thought is do we REALLY look like this?  I'd like to believe I hold it together pretty well even though I have an ever growing list and more coffee is involved.  I know everything will get done but we're all running around that hamster wheel just trying to survive the day.  

Plus the kids know vacation is fast approaching and they're itching to be done.  I have to remind them on a daily basis we're not done until June 18th.  Yes, I just said JUNE 18TH!!

I'm now taking each day as it comes and thought I'd add a picture of what a real teacher looks like in May.  If only I were getting a back massage as I napped here.  Hope you get a good chuckle!!

Do You SEE them?

Do you see them!  The BIG black dots?  Those dots are the eyes.  Yes, a baby chick's eye!!  Today we candled our eggs and we saw 12 black eyes.  They seemed to be dancing around inside the eggs.  There were lots of "Ohs," and "Ah's" as I placed each egg on the light.

Keep checking back for updates.

We're also keeping a Dear Diary.  Students are going to pretend they are a chick inside the egg.  They're going to record what's going on and how they're feeling.  Here's an entry for today.  Check out my TpT Store if you're interested in this diary.  It's FREE (Diary of a Chicken)!!

May 12, 2015

The Chick Eggs are Here

Make sure you check back to get the latest updates on our eggs!  We put them in the incubator today and in 21 days we should have some ADORABLE babies.

We had a lot of eggs so I set up a second incubator.  The rest of the eggs will go in tomorrow.

May 7, 2015

Read ALL About it

Look at those smiling faces!!  Six of my students were in the paper this week.  The question was, "Why do you love your mom?"

Mallory said, "Because she loves me."
Kavi said, "She bought me a toy."
Liv said, "She brings me fun places."
Karina said, "She bought me a swing set and a trampoline."
Aiden said, "She buys me games."
Zachary said, "She buys me video games.

May 4, 2015

Yearbook Work...What Do YOU Want to Be When You Grow Up?

We're finishing the year by working in a yearbook.  I decided to do things a bit different this year.

Usually, we fill in a photocopied yearbook but this year I decided to have the students create a hardcover book showcasing their year in first!!  We'll included the different forms of writing, text features, and of course LOTS of photos!

We've just begun but the kids are REALLY excited to work in them.  I'll show you the progress as we work through them.  So far the kids have colored the cover, added a picture with their "Special Person" poster, written a table of contents page, and wrote a caption for their first day self-portrait.

I was looking for a cute way to have the kids tell me what they want to be when they grow up.  A few years ago I painted the back of the my shelfs with chalkboard paint.  I used to let the kids write on them but eventually the chalk dust became too much.

Using a chalk marker I made a speech bubble and had the kids write inside.  I created a document in Pages with the background, font, and picture frame.  I just uploaded each picture and printed.  They'll glue these into their yearbooks and write an opinion piece.  I LOVE that some even asked if they could make a picture of what they wanted to be.

Just look at the first one!!  Doesn't that just tug at your heart?!  I mean, oh my gosh, when he said he wanted to be a daddy my heart just melted.  Of course, there was debate on if that was a job (since no $$ is involved).  I assured the kids that being a parent is the hardest job in the world.  So unbelievably adorable!!  You can click to enlarge.  My kiddos have BIG dreams!!

Dino Work and Pigeon Work

We've finished up our dino work and have moved on to chicks!!  We're patiently awaiting the arrival of our eggs so we can get them in the incubator.  Here's our dino work.

We've also been reading many of Mo Willem's books.  The kids have been loving these books.  The kids wrote their opinions on if they'd let the pigeon drive the bus or not!

Newsletter for the Week of May 4th

Other dates:
May 4-7th: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6th: Author Visit (Lynn Plourde and Russ Cox!!)