September 27, 2015

Meet Will

Meet Will!!

A Read Aloud by Our NEW Assistant Principal

Mrs. Mitchell, our new assistant principal, came in Friday morning to read to us.  She continually praised my class on what good listeners they were and how she couldn't believe she was in a first grade class.

I love how enthralled my students become with read alouds.

Thanks for taking the time to come in and we believe you can learn all 560 students' names!!

Apple Taste Test and Our Pumpkin Family

On Friday we had an apple product taste test.  Students tried a variety of apple products and decided which one they liked best.

Here are some pics.

We also conducted two experiments.  First we made observations on an apple with skin and one without.  They drew pictures each day of what they looked liked and how they changed.

Students also worked with a buddy to figure out if ALL apples have the same amount of seeds.

I also painted some pumpkins this weekend!!  Paint markers are the BEST.  One will be given away each week by estimating the closest circumference.  I can't wait to see who gets to take one home!!

September 25, 2015

Newsletter for the Week of Sept. 28th

Apple Orchard Fun

We had a blast at the apple orchard and were able to see/do SO much!  From picking apples and pumpkins, feeding the goats, seeing the horses, to the hay ride, cider, warm donuts, and beautiful weather we couldn't have asked for anything more.

Enjoy the pics below!!

And of course here's one of Ellie our pup!

September 20, 2015

Apple Diagrams

We've been learning a lot about apples so we're ready for our field trip on Thursday.  We made apple diagrams and labeled the parts.  Kids COULD NOT use scissors and had to tear the paper to create their very own unique apple!

And one last pic of our pup Ellie with her new super hero toy Batman. We're hoping the good vibes rub off on her spunky personality!!  She has actually been a REALLY easy puppy and hasn't gotten into too much trouble yet.

Special Person

Meet Kaylee and Gabriela!!

Newsletter for the Week of Sept. 21st

September 12, 2015

Newsletter for the Week of Sept. 14th

A Week with Our New Pup

So, how could I not share a couple of pictures of our new pup Ellie? We're completely in love with her!!

Special Person

Read up on all we've learned about our friends in class!!

I took this pic because these girls were so excited with how tall their Lego tower was.

Building Community

We finished up working with our names.  This week kids colored and put together their names on sentence strips.  They look great hanging up in the classroom.

 We spent this week building community.  We talked about how to stay safe at school, read No David books, and wrote important rules.

September 6, 2015

Our NEW Little Lady

We picked this little lady up on Saturday.  It was a bittersweet moment but we're ready to love another pup.  She is definitely a spunky little dog and will keep us on our toes.

It looks like she's not going to be a picky eater.  Hopefully "trying" to train her will go smoothly.

Meet Marcus

Meet Marcus!

Friday was Will's birthday.  His mom brought in some ice cream sandwiches for us to enjoy at snack time.  Here he is with this certificate and birthday bag.

September 3, 2015

A Look at Our Week

This week we've listened to many books about names and then have looked more closely at our names.

Students made self portraits and practiced writing their name.  We put them in ABC order.

We also talked about vowels, consonants, and syllables.  Working with the letters in their name, they created a flower.  Here are a few examples.

We began Special Person of the Day this week.  This is where we interview a student and learn more about him/her.  Of course I do all the writing and I joke around with them about how I'm done for the day because I wrote so much.  First grade can be so hard!!  It always gets them laughing.

After we're done writing (I mean, I'm done writing) we reread, talk about how many sentences I wrote, and that they need to be complete thoughts.  Here's Marlee!

And of course, there are times I take a random picture.  Silas wore this hat the other day and asked if I'd take a picture.

Tomorrow's Friday and we have a long weekend!!  

Surviving the FIRST Hot Week!!

Here they are!!

I'm starting the year with 15 smiling, upbeat students.  Even with the heat this week, they're working hard.  We've spent the week getting to know each other, learn our routine, and our schedule.

We've also been outside enjoying the warm weather and making new friends.

Keep checking back to see what we're up to!