September 3, 2015

A Look at Our Week

This week we've listened to many books about names and then have looked more closely at our names.

Students made self portraits and practiced writing their name.  We put them in ABC order.

We also talked about vowels, consonants, and syllables.  Working with the letters in their name, they created a flower.  Here are a few examples.

We began Special Person of the Day this week.  This is where we interview a student and learn more about him/her.  Of course I do all the writing and I joke around with them about how I'm done for the day because I wrote so much.  First grade can be so hard!!  It always gets them laughing.

After we're done writing (I mean, I'm done writing) we reread, talk about how many sentences I wrote, and that they need to be complete thoughts.  Here's Marlee!

And of course, there are times I take a random picture.  Silas wore this hat the other day and asked if I'd take a picture.

Tomorrow's Friday and we have a long weekend!!  

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