November 15, 2015

Turkey Investigations

We've learned A LOT about turkeys.  To share the information students have learned they created a 2 page investigation.  They included a brace map, caption, bulleted list of facts they learned, and work they completed in computer lab.

Here are some examples!

We also made some tie dyed turkeys.  They'll be added to our "How to Cook a Turkey" writing later this week.

Me on a Map

We've begun learning about maps and our place on Earth.  Students wrote about themselves last week and created a map of their bedrooms.

Happy Birthday Sefia

Happy birthday Sefia!!  We celebrated her birthday on Friday.  Her parents brought in DE-licious cupcakes to share with the class.


We read many books about veterans and how important they are to us!!  We completed the work below and took time to recognize the people who have helped to keep us safe.  Thank you for all you do!!

What's Your Favorite Legend?

We finished up legends last week.  To wrap it up, students chose their favorite legend and wrote their opinions.

More Opinion Writing

Here's what we did last week for opinion writing.

After reading, I Wanna Iguana, students turned ant talked about what type of animal they'd like to have.  It didn't have to be a house pet but could be a wild animal.

I modeled and then they wrote.  Here are some examples.

Then we focused in on Cats vs. Dogs and which animal would be better to have.

Newsletter for the Week of Nov. 16th

November 10, 2015

Look at these Chicklets

Don't you just LOVE kid's artwork?

PTC will be holding their annual auction again this year!!  Here are the two pieces of art my class created on canvas.  I painted the background and they each created their own chick using paint markers.  Both are on 10X20 canvases.

You can click the image to enlarge.

Bid away!!

Chicklets on a Wire