September 29, 2016

The Wheels on the Bus Go to the Apple Orchard

We headed to the Apple Orchard on Wednesday and had LOTS of fun!  Enjoy the pics.

Rose did an amazing job teaching our class more about apples, pumpkins, and the farm animals.

At the end of our field trip we enjoyed apple cinnamon donuts and apple cider.

Silly Picture

September 27, 2016

Meet Natalee

What's Your Favorite Color?

We're continuing to work with opinion writing.  If you haven't seen the book below you should take a look at it.  The kids love hearing the reasons why each crayon quit.

We made a list of our favorite colors.  Students wrote their opinions and shared their pieces.

Quiet 10

Meet Colten

September 26, 2016

New Blog Design

So as you can tell I have a brand, spanky new blog design and I absolutely LOVE it!

It was so easy to do.  I just got in touch with www.blogsfitforaqueen.blogspot after looking through their portfolio.  I gave them color choices, told them fonts I liked, and the options I wanted.

They worked with me through the entire process, changing, and tweaking it until it was set up.

If you're looking to give your blog a makeover I'd swing over and check them out (Blogs Fit for a Queen).

September 22, 2016

What's Your Favorite Season?

With fall here now we've been talking about the seasons and which one is our favorite.

After reading the book below we brainstormed what we did during each one.

Students then turned and talked about which season they liked the best and gave their reasons.  We're continuing to do a lot of oral story telling so they're expressing themselves and talking in complete sentences.

While they work I ALWAYS work with them.  We began with Quiet 10 and worked just on our illustrations.  Next, I always remind students what we need to include in our opinion piece.  I talk through the process of how I'm going to write my piece and then they try.

Here's their work.  Right now they're responsible for having correct capitalization, ending punctuation, and spelling K words correctly.

Most LOVED winter, which I quickly shared was NOT my favorite season!  I can do without the below zero temperatures.

Meet Nevaeh

Meet Ronan

All About Apples

We've been learning a lot about apples!!  Students are also  conducting some experiments and making observations.

Students worked with a partner and we wondered if all apples had the same amount of seeds.  When they found all of their seeds they glued them down to a paper apple.  We learned that apples have different amounts of seeds.

We've also been observing the apples below.  Students learned the importance of the skin of the apple. We can't wait to see what the apple without skin looks like tomorrow!

Meet Natalee

Natalee joined our class this week and we're SO excited to have her!!

Meet Stella