September 12, 2016

Do You Like Your Name?

So today we had our VERY first attempt at full blown Writer's Workshop.  Students listened to the story The Name Jar and talked with a friend on if they liked their name or not.

After discussing our opinions we made a list on the board.

Our class has focused on making detailed illustrations.  I use my "Rate Your Writing" posters with my class every year.  You can check them out here (Rate Your Writing Posters).  Since using these, it has really made a difference in their work and discussion about writing.   

I love how when we go to the rug they can rate their own work.  We also talk about how it's okay for some pictures to be black and white and how you can rate yourself a 1 and it's not a bad thing.  Maybe they just began their picture or we had less time to illustrate.

I really go through this process s-l-o-w-l-y.  We've been doing Quiet 5 and will build up to Quiet 10.  This is ALWAYS how I begin when it's writing time.  It allows kids to transition after the mini-lesson and read aloud.  It's quiet in the room and music is playing.  I find this helps those reluctant writer's and creates less nervousness about writing.

After Quiet 10, I begin to model.  While the kids illustrate, I illustrate. I modeled how to write an opinion and then have them try.  After,  I told them my opinion on why I liked my name and showed them how I'd write it.  Then they tried.  Our wrap ups for now all sound the same so once again I modeled how that would look.

Today we wrote 3 WHOLE, complete sentences!!  When their writing was finished they worked on their illustrations.

When completed, the last step was for them to stamp the bottom of the page.  This is always a hit because most students have never used a date stamp!

We wrap up by sharing.  Some days we sit in a circle and students that want to read their piece do.  Other days they buddy and up and share.

Next up, we'll be reading books about bullies.  Mean Jean will be our next focus.

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