September 12, 2016

Magic Chalk

So I work with some amazing teachers, who come up with some amazing ideas, and of course I LOVE to try new things.

Last week we worked with wordless books, orally told the story, and each wrote a sentence.

A teacher I work with saw this idea and decided to try it with the book Chalk.  After the kids told the story she had them each take magic chalk and create a picture.  Of course she had students asking it they could sit or lay on the floor so it was like they were outside writing on the tar.  Fantastic, I tell you!!

I just had to try it out.  After we looked through the book each student took a piece of magic chalk and began creating.  My room was buzzing with excitement chatting with their friends on if it was "really" magic chalk.

I wish I had taken pictures of their work but I was going around helping them as they wrote.  I did put a sentence starter on the board (I made...) just in case students needed one.

Here's my example.  Of course I'd want to see a lion...yah, right. Maybe not that close.

I love working with such creative people who adjust and change their lessons to fit the needs of their students.

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