December 21, 2011

Noun Town

Noun Town has been created.  This week we learned that a noun is a person, place, or thing.  We brainstormed a list of things we would see in our town.  I broke the kids into two groups and had them build Noun Town.  After they were done, they picked two things to label.  Here it is completed.

Friday in Review

Vacation!!  Am I ready?  YES, I am and I believe the kiddos are too.  Even with our schedule off a bit this week they've been SO well behaved!!

I was going to take more pics of our parent ornaments but with the making, wrapping, and packing I completely forgot.  I bought paint markers (the BEST invention EVER), wrote the date, and had the kiddos decorate around ornament.  Here's a pic.

One of the highlights of today was finding out that ALL of their stockings had been filled (NO naughty kids here).  They found some goodies inside and Abby handed out her holiday gifts.

Some found these sticky frogs that seemed to be quite a hit.  I tried to contain the kiddos while they went around slapping them on chairs, the board, floor, and each other.  Look closely at the next picture and see where one ended up!

I want to say THANK YOU to the parents who sent in a card/gift today.  I appreciate your kind works and recognition of the hard work I put into making your child's education the BEST it can be!  I truly LOVE my job!!  Thank you for sharing your child with me.

Enjoy your break, relax, and spend time with your family.  I'll see you next year!!

December 20, 2011

Sugar, Sugar, and MORE Sugar

We made our gingerbread houses this afternoon!!  Parents came in to spend time with our class, help, and eat some candy.

Serious at first...
Then...not so serious!
The kids were very focused during this time and quite creative.  Here they are at work!

After all the tasting and making, Quinn snuck back to the jelly bean table for another treat.  Here he is CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!

December 16, 2011

Random Act of Classroom Kindness

So I haven't posted our Random Acts so I'll play catch up.  Kids were to play with a new friend.  Today we thanked our principals for being SO incredibly amazing!!  We wrote letters to them and added a picture at the bottom.  We also gave the office a bag of Dunkin' Donuts Coffee (YUM!).  The principals were so thankful for this random act of kindness.

ALSO...what a complete surprise to us as we went to deliver our letters and coffee but to find a bag for us.  The mail carrier was so touched by our Random Act of Kindness (a bag of candy and thank you card) she sent in activity books and candy canes for the class.  WOW, that touched my heart and the kids were so happy that someone returned a random act of kindness to us!!

All Aboard on The Polar Express

This week our mini lesson for Reader's Workshop was good readers can retell the beginning, middle, and end of a story.  I used The Polar Express to complete this lesson.  After reading, the kids worked with me to write the beginning, middle, and end.  These are the train books they made.

When the kids came back from lunch today they began finding bells in their desk and their pencil boxes. I asked them if they could hear it ring and of course they said, "YES!"  They said that mean't they ALL believed in Santa!

 Patrick was the MOST EXCITED of all.  He continually asked how the bells got in our classroom, if I could hear them ringing, and if he REALLY could take it home.  How ADORABLE!

Compound Sentences

We've been reviewing compound sentences and completed this chart.  The kids thought of it as a game and were ready with if it was compound or not.

I also paid them Lyon's Money today if they could include compound sentences in their Take Home Journals.

December 14, 2011

Did you Know SANTA has a Wish List Too?

When I introduced writing your own Christmas List during Daily 5 writing the kids went crazy!  They all wanted to go to this so they could find pictures and write the names of items they liked.  

Today I read the book, A Letter to Santa Claus by Rose Impey.  We discussed how they've been writing lists and if they've ever stopped to think about what Santa might want.

We brainstormed different items Santa might need or want and off they went to writing.  Of course we had to do a small craft.  I love how each Santa is so unique!

Here are a few examples.

December 6, 2011

November 30, 2011

Bold Beginnings

We've been working on bold beginnings or leads.  I've been introducing one a week and the kiddos have been practicing with Post-It Notes.

Today's mini lesson was reviewing the ones we've learned.  I picked books from our own class library and read each lead.  The kids had to place the correct Post-It on the book.

Then, I introduced a new lead.  SOUND EFFECT!  These are the books I used.

We went to my bear writing and I had the kids help me with my beginning.  They came up with,

"Vroom, vroom."
"Beep, beep."

They practiced in their own Writer's Notebook.  Here are a few examples.

The sound of an ambulance.
Pooh pooh that is the fire works.

Next up...riddle or joke leads!  

November 29, 2011

Reindeer Door

Here's our decorated door!

Un update on our Random Acts of Classroom Kindness.

Day 7: Hold the door for someone.
Day 8: Write a letter and donate a book to the public library (look for pics tomorrow).  We're lucky to have Cindy from the public library come and read to us.  We'll be surprising her tomorrow!

Run, Run, Run As Fast As You Can!

This week we'll be reading different versions of The Gingerbread Man and we'll be keeping track of the setting, characters, and how the story ends.

We'll also be creating our own gingerbread stories.  I have some kids writing about gingerbread pirates, dogs, girls, boys, and tigers.   Here are some of the Snapshot Leads they did today.

November 22, 2011

The First Thanksgiving

Today I told the story of the first Thanksgiving.  For each part the kids added a bead.

Brown bead:  Pilgrims left England
White bead:  Sailed on the Mayflower
3 blue beads:  Long trip on the ocean
Green bead: Spotted land
Black bead: Long hard winter and many didn't survive
Tan bead:  Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims
4 beads for the foods served at first Thanksgiving
   -1 red: Cranberries
   -1 yellow: Corn
   -1 orange: Pumpkins
   -1 brown: Turkey

Here are their bracelets.

Colonial Day Activities

Today the kids went to other first grade classrooms to participate in some Colonial day activities.  Kids dipped candles, weaved, wrote with quill pens, and played some games.

I was busy with the games.  The kids had the opportunity to play hopscotch, marbles, and bowling.  Here are some pics!

Love this photo!  Daysin got a strike.  This was their reaction.  Priceless!! 

Good Readers Ask Questions

I read Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman.  We've been learning that good readers ask qeustion before, during, and after reading.  Here's our work.