November 30, 2011

Bold Beginnings

We've been working on bold beginnings or leads.  I've been introducing one a week and the kiddos have been practicing with Post-It Notes.

Today's mini lesson was reviewing the ones we've learned.  I picked books from our own class library and read each lead.  The kids had to place the correct Post-It on the book.

Then, I introduced a new lead.  SOUND EFFECT!  These are the books I used.

We went to my bear writing and I had the kids help me with my beginning.  They came up with,

"Vroom, vroom."
"Beep, beep."

They practiced in their own Writer's Notebook.  Here are a few examples.

The sound of an ambulance.
Pooh pooh that is the fire works.

Next up...riddle or joke leads!  

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