November 15, 2011

Talking Leads

The kiddos worked with talking leads today.  I had examples ready and had the kids try to figure out how the author started.  The kids had to be good detectives as I read each book.  We then worked again on my bear writing and came up with different talking leads I could use.

Students went to their writing notebooks to begin work!  Some kids even managed to write a talking lead with a question!!  I was quite impressed to see what they came up with.  I forgot to take pictures but some examples were....

"Dad, where are we going to get my bb's."
"My sister is watching the fireworks.  We have fun watching the fireworks."
"Have you ever gone to the beach?"

AND...the classes FAVORITE talking lead today was...

"Do you have to go pee?"

A student was writing about hunting and he is always asked that question before they leave.  The kids laughed for quite some time!!

We added them to our Writing Board so kids can visually see the books we used.

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