November 9, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

Today our kindergartners put on quite the show.  They put together an assembly and invited veterans to come celebrate with us.  Students were able to ask questions to a serviceman in Afghanistan and we sang songs.  A BIG thank you to the kindergartners and teachers for all their hard work.

I've been reading books about veterans and Veteran's Day.  We completed a poster on characteristics of a soldier.  I found this at Life in First Grade.  We came up with soldiers protect us, serve and love our country, are kind, and strong.

I went to take a pic of my class with their flags and our poster when out of NO WHERE Mr. Rand (4th grade teacher) popped into the picture.  Every time I see it I think of the Aflac commercials!!

Make sure you thank a veteran for his/her service!!

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