March 30, 2016

How Would You Describe Yourself?

How many adjectives can you come up with to describe yourself?

Students learned about adjectives today.  They were asked to come up with 5 describing words.  Our board was completely filled with FABULOUS adjectives.

Here's their work!

I think I have some pretty cute kids!!

Think Spring!

We've been reading a lot about spring and we're ready for it.  Our winter has been pretty mild so there are no complaints here!

Students wrote a spring poem describing the season.  Using just one color, they drew and painted their springtime picture.

March 24, 2016

Outer Space Art

We finished up our space unit by creating some space art.  Students drew pictures of what they'd look like in outer space.

Students started by tracing their hands and feet.  Then they completed the rest of their illustration and went over it with a black crayon.  Of course I just had to get the paint out and they finished them up.

Spring Activities

These bunnies are patiently waiting for beautifully dyed eggs to be placed in them tomorrow.

Students will be going on an egg hunt by solving riddles and we'll also be completing some jellybean math.

Sounds like a pretty fun Friday!!

Here are some dyed eggs.

Swimming and Splashing at the YMCA

We have a great opportunity each year with the YMCA as our neighbor to take our class for Swim Gym.  This is an hour long session of swim in place of our normal gym class.

Some kids are always nervous about what to expect but by the end they're swimming like fish!

Most of the pictures were blurry or action shots but I did get a few!

March 18, 2016

Happy Character Day!!

Here we are!!  It's Character Day at our school and we have some amazing costumes.

We had made Wild Thing masks just incase someone didn't have a costume.  So of course I had to take a picture of me TRYING to tame my Wild Things!!

Can you guess who some of our characters were today?

Guess who I met today?  I met Clifford my favorite character as a child!!  Clifford books were my ABSOLUTE favorite books to read.  I dreamed of being Emily Elizabeth and even considered being her today but knew the dark brown hair just wouldn't work.  We were able to get a group picture with him too.

Students completed the worksheet below on the character they were today.

In other news, Silas and his brother set a trap with fake coins at their house in hopes of catching a leprechaun.  This is what they caught! Sooo, some poor leprechaun is running around without his pants!

Today during computer lab the class was working so quietly that I didn't even notice that Kaylee had been working on her computer like this!!  It was quite funny that she didn't say anything so I snapped a quick pic.

March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Leprechaun visited us today and left quite a mess.  He wrote all over my morning message with green marker, left shamrocks on the floor, and some how got out of the trap we set.  He did leave behind a note and some treasures.

I captured Ayva's reaction just as the box was lifted.  Priceless.

I had one student set up his own trap before he left school Wednesday but Lucky was able to even escape his.

We wrote directions on how to make a shamrock shake.  This afternoon we enjoyed some leprechaun activities and some DE-licious shakes.

Of course I have no pictures of the shakes because I was tending to the blender and making them for 3 first grade classes.

This week students created WANTED Signs and we hung them up around school.  I love how unique each leprechaun is.

They also completed some rainbow writing.  Students learned what a simile is and wrote some sentences.

Students completed writing on what makes them special.  Here are some examples.

Hope you had a great St. Paddy's Day!!