March 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

Happy birthday Dr. Suess.

I LOVE when I have those rare moments of when I hold up a book and NO ONE in the class has heard it.  That's what happened when I read the latest book by Dr. Suess today.

Image result for what animal should i get

Students wrote their opinion on what pet they would want if they could pick ANY animal.  Once completed they completed some artwork to go with their writing.  Here is their work!

You could also read Kids Make Terrible Pets and do a comparison.  My students thought this book was a hoot.
We created these today and will complete some writing with Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Here's their finished work.

Silas wants to fly a cargo plane.
Autumn wants to go to Florida.

Marlee wants to be a cheerleader.
Gabby wants to be a horseback rider.
Will wants to be a basketball player.
Sofia wants to study ocean animals.
Kaylee wants to have a zoo!
Colby wants to be an author.
Marcus wants to be a dirt bike rider.

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