March 18, 2016

Happy Character Day!!

Here we are!!  It's Character Day at our school and we have some amazing costumes.

We had made Wild Thing masks just incase someone didn't have a costume.  So of course I had to take a picture of me TRYING to tame my Wild Things!!

Can you guess who some of our characters were today?

Guess who I met today?  I met Clifford my favorite character as a child!!  Clifford books were my ABSOLUTE favorite books to read.  I dreamed of being Emily Elizabeth and even considered being her today but knew the dark brown hair just wouldn't work.  We were able to get a group picture with him too.

Students completed the worksheet below on the character they were today.

In other news, Silas and his brother set a trap with fake coins at their house in hopes of catching a leprechaun.  This is what they caught! Sooo, some poor leprechaun is running around without his pants!

Today during computer lab the class was working so quietly that I didn't even notice that Kaylee had been working on her computer like this!!  It was quite funny that she didn't say anything so I snapped a quick pic.

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