August 6, 2012

Working Around My Room

Summer school is being held in my classroom and it doesn't wrap up until August 16th.  OhHhh, and if you know me and my personality I'm getting antsy!!  I like to have things in place and ready by the time August swings around so I can relax a bit.  I've been trying to work around my room but have found the most I can do is photocopy.

Today, I switched out my borders and decided to do a double border.  I love the bright colors but now I'm thinking a black background might look better than the blue!  You can also see my first attempt at curtains.

Here's a pic of the writing center.  I spray painted my plastic storage containers with green paint so they'd match.

Last but not are the writing posters I made.  I'll use these posters when I introduce each form of writing.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how my Writer's Workshop will look now with the Common Core.

I'll add more pics as my room comes together!


  1. I love that color blue Laurie--I can't wait to see more! I like the posters you made for your Writer's Workshop--not sure about the common core tying in but we're heading that way soon too. :)

    1. I think after seeing all of your signs and black backgrounds you have I just might want to do the same!!