March 7, 2013

Would You Go on a Roller Coaster?

This week we've been working on using precise words in our writing.  Our mentor book has been Roller Coaster.

The next day I read the book again and as I read the kiddos helped to make a list of precise words the author used.

Then, we talked about ALL of the emotions you might feel if you went on a roller coaster.  Of course, I said I'd be terrified and wouldn't go any where near the line!  Students wrote an opinion piece stating if they'd go on a roller coaster or not and then backed it up with their reasons.

Of course we shared our writing!  Here's a quick video of Lily sharing her work.

The most exciting part for the kiddos was having their pictures taking.  I used Photo Booth.  One of the effects is a moving roller coaster.  The kids thought it was the coolest thing.  

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