January 27, 2014

What Does the Fox Say? Round Two

So the kids know that I ABSOLUTELY love this song (insert sarcasm here)!!  Pandora seems to know too because the last couple of times I've put some quiet music on for students to listen to this always seems to play.

It was quite funny to find a paper turned over on my desk first thing this morning.  Of course when I flipped it over what I saw had me laughing.

Great illustrations Abbie!!
Abbie took the time to create this LOVELY illustration of my FAVORITE song!!  After seeing this, I knew it was time to finally show them the video, "What Does the Teacher Say?"  Check it out here if you haven't seen it yet (What Does the Teacher Say?).

Of course they found it quite amusing and were laughing to see adults acting like children.  I told them that I felt like those teachers some of the time.

As I took this pic of her I continually told her how much I LOVED this song while she continually said, "NO, you don't!"

It was a great way to end the day...connecting with the kiddos and a lot of laughing!

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