May 11, 2014

World of Work Day

This is the second year World of Work Day has been held at our school.  Students have the opportunity to learn about different careers.  Our morning was packed full, checking out a variety of occupations.

We learned more about Food Corps and how plants grow.  Students made a necklace that had a seed inside a clear plastic bag so they could watch it sprout.

We had a quick snack break before moving on to our next activity.  I let my kiddos play on the  BIG kid's playground a few times a year so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for them to get some wiggles out.

Of course when I called for them to line up, one said he was stuck at the top of the climbing wall.  My principal, was quite funny running to the equipment saying she'd save him.  He was grinning the entire time and he did make it down safely.

Next up, we saw a helicopter and they were able to get inside to check it out.  He showed the kids the bucket they use when fighting fires and showed them the controls.  It was quite cool hearing it land at our school.

Then we learned about health occupations.  The ladies who presented had puppets and got the kids involved.  They shared a story of a girl falling out of a tree and went through the steps she would have to go through if she broke her leg.

Finally, we learned what an entomologist does!!  He showed us nets he uses to catch bugs.  He even brought in some REAL bugs from the jungle!!

The butterflies and beetles he had displayed were over 100 years old!!

This was a GREAT opportunity of students and has sparked their interests in careers they maybe have never thought about.

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