June 11, 2014

Teachers for the Day

It always seems at the end of the year I have students who want to take over the class.  I'm not sure if they think I'm frazzled or if look like I need a nap.

This was my teacher helper last year.  He told me I looked tired and that I needed a break.  I told him to come to school wearing a tie, have books, and be ready to teach.  This is how he looked...

Can it get any cuter than that?

So today, I had two students who wanted to take over without me knowing.  I was working around the room and they were coloring where I normally sit.  All of a sudden I heard them checking over other student's work and telling them what to do next.  Some had to complete work, while others finished, and were given choices.  They were perfect for the job.

There were even a few moments where they were "tough" teachers and I took note.

Here they are helping me out.  They even filled my bucket because I helped a student pick up a MASS amount of dominoes that fell out of the container he was carrying.

I've already had MANY requests from other students to be the teacher tomorrow so I'm sure we'll make it through the next 3 days of school!

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