March 22, 2015

That Sneaky Leprechaun Got My Class Again

We did A LOT of work last week with leprechauns.  After many read alouds, students designed their own traps.

We posted some "WANTED" signs around our school and made these cute 3D leprechauns.

Of course we set a trap to see if we could catch one.  Of course Lucky Leprechaun managed to escape but he shared some of his treasure!

We also learned about similes.  The book below is how I always introduce them.

Then working on large paper, we list all the colors of the rainbow and objects that fit into each category.  This gave students a list to work with when they went to writing.

Here are a few examples!

And of course St. Patrick's Day isn't complete without Shamrock Shakes.  We did informational writing on "How to Make a Shamrock Shake."  The kids enjoyed them after lunch!  Of course all I heard was they were the BEST shakes ever.  Look what a bit of ice cream, milk, and green food coloring can do!

We hope you were feeling LUCKY on St. Patrick's Day!!

And why not end this post with a FUNNY picture!!  Yes, I came upon this at the end of the day last week.  

Yes, that's a teacher in a box.  I couldn't stop laughing.  She's quite a funny lady and I believe she was proving a point...that she could indeed fit in a box.

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