June 3, 2015

Chick Life and New Shoes

The Lyons' chicks have arrived.  We now have 7!!

We've had SO much fun watching them and YES I'll admit that we have sat in a circle with them running around for a good chunk of time.  This has also helped to keep my sanity (can we say that Summer Fever has taken over my class even though it was cold today)!!  The room quiets down (because you have to be quiet as to not scare the chicks) and everyone is happy and getting along.  No squabbling, arguing, or grumpy students.  Everyone is giggling and just loving the chicks.  Ahh, maybe I need to keep the them in my room until our last day, June 18th.

Here are some pics of them hanging out and of students picking the chick they wanted a picture with. Click to enlarge.

Oh yes, and I also had New Shoes in my title.  Yesterday, I heard it. Small whispers in my room.  The girls in the corner on the mat whispering back and forth.  In my head I kept going back and forth on what they could possibly be talking about.  

"Did I have something in-between my teeth?"  
"Was my hair out of place?"
"Did I have something sticking to my shirt that I couldn't see?"
"What were they whispering about and why was it spreading like wildfire?"

Then I heard it.  A sweet little girl piped up and said, "I really like your shoes!"

Oh, to have their approval!  Here's a picture of them.  I just ordered them and LOVE the pop of color.

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