May 19, 2016

Patiently Waiting...

Tuesday was Day 21 for our chicks and we patiently waited for the first peck.  We even wore chick hats and watched!!

Of course this year it didn't work as planned and the chicks hatched at night and in the early morning so students didn't get to see the full process.

I'm okay if you even say that my ed tech and I look like first graders too.  That would be quite the compliment.  I mean, can you spot us?

We have 5 lively, little, ADORABLE chicks!!


One girl ran up to me and told me I had to look at a chick.  I wasn't expecting to see anything unusual but then this happened!!  Of course my heart dropped and I thought the worse but he was just relaxing.  This is really how our little chick was sleeping.

We've spent a lot of time just looking at them but today they were out and about!

More pictures to come...

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