August 18, 2016

Welcome to Our Classroom

Here it is, squeaky clean and looking amazing!!  A HUGE thank you to the custodians who work through the HOT summer months getting our rooms ready.  I didn't even have to ask once if the wax was dry or if my room was ready.  They worked fast this summer.

Here are some pictures of our space and how I've set it up.

Outside Bulletin Board 

YES, I have a disco ball so we can have our 30 second dance parties!
We'll build our writing bulletin board together.
We'll begin with apples and take a trip to the apple orchard.
New comfy seat from Walmart.

So, I have debated and gone back and forth on how to place the shelf above in my room.  I've always had it out from the wall to create a reading nook.  I like it against the board because it opens up my classroom but I'm not sure HOW much I like it.  Plus, it REALLY needs to meet up with a spray can for an update!

I can't wait to meet each of you when you come in for the Observation Survey!  

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