May 29, 2017

The Little Duck Named LuLu and Remembering those on Memorial Day

Along with our chick eggs another first grade teacher hatched duck eggs.  This year though, only one hatched.  One lonely, duck that was SPOILED rotten.

How could anybody resist this face?!  While we had her she quickly learned that if she made enough noise someone would hold her.  Even if that mean't ALL day long!  A first grade teacher even wrapped her up in her scarf for the afternoon where she slept soundly.

We LOVED every minute with her!  She ran around the room, went outside, swam, and cuddled up to Beanie Babies.

Each night she went home with an amazing woman who instantly fell in love with her.  She sent me this picture which had me hysterically laughing.  Apparently the duck didn't want to be with the chicks and squeezed through the cage to the other side.

Eventually though she seemed to blend right in with them.

On Friday, she went home with a student where I'm sure they'll continue to love and spoil her.

We also made an ADORABLE chick craft.  Each student went home with their very own chick!

I hope everyone took a moment to remember those men, women, and families that have made SO many sacrifices so we can be free.  

Today we remembered this man.  It's hard to believe it's almost been a year without him.  He didn't talk much about the Korean War until later in life.  To hear his stories of brotherly love and to see the tears each time he told them is why we honor him today.  Such an amazing man who wore his jacket and hat with pride.

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