April 30, 2011

Mother's Day Crafts (READ NO MORE if you're a MOTHER and you have a CHILD in MY class)

Haha, I hope that title doesn't scare too many away but I've been thinking today about what I'm going to have my kiddos do for Mother's Day other then the typical card.  Here are a few crafts I plan on doing next week with them.

The FIRST one is a tin can craft I came up with.  At the bottom of the can I placed a laminated piece of scrapbook paper that has mother written in different languages.  The kids will decorate the top with gems and will write the Top 5 Reasons they LOVE their mom.  They'll write them on strips of paper.  I think I'm going to have them coil each one around their pencil to make it fit in the tin.  I'll be taking a black and white photo of each student to put on the top of the lid.  I thought it might even be cute if they're making a heart with their hands.  A pic will be posted once they're made!!

Tin containers found at Joann Fabric

The SECOND craft I plan on doing is a coupon book.  I've seen a couple of examples at Martha Stewart with templates you can download.  The kids always LOVE filling these in.

The THIRD craft I've done in the past are the hand cutout flowers.  Simple but cute.

I also saw a World's Best Mom Newspaper at Martha Stewart that had a template for kids to fill in.

I'll have the kids decorate a lunch bag and place their items in the bag to take home.

Let me know what crafts you do.  I just might want to try them too!!

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