March 16, 2012

What Would You Visualize?

Deanna Jump shared an AWESOME poem she uses when teaching visualizing.  I used this poem this week to teach the kids that GOOD writers add precise words.  As readers, the author should paint a picture in our head.

I read the first part of the poem and had the kids underline good describing words  Then they drew what they thought the poem was about.  I flipped the rest of the poem down, read it, and we underlined precise words.

The kids reaction at the end was priceless.  The kids ALL thought the poem was about a purple dog but by the end they figured out it was a painted, purple crocodile!!

1 comment:

  1. I love your blog. I am a going to be a future teacher and have learned so much from your blog. It is great. I hope that you don't mind me sharing some of your ideas with my class. ;)
    Can you share what the title of the poem you read to the class? Thanks