June 5, 2012

Summer Survival Kits

UPDATE:  So...I thought I was done with these until I walked into the Dollar Tree Store (just about an hour ago) and found some CUTE Hawaiian cups.  Of course I bought them with some Kool-Aid packs.  Now I'm undoing ALL of the bags to add them in!

I just finished up my Summer Survival Kits for my kiddos. If one of them had a pound of chocolate, I just might have eaten it all!

Inside I included a pencil, eraser, stickers, Swedish Fish (O-fish-ally a Second Grader), Hershey Kisses (hugs and kisses), and a certificate for a free item from The Lyon's Store for next year (we'll see how many can hang onto this.  I only had 2 from my last year's class come see me).

Oh, and course I added a band-aid.  When my brothers and I were little and we complained about small cuts, scratches, or bruises my dad would always tell us he could operate.  He'd say he'd cut right above our cut so it wouldn't hurt anymore. Haha, I still can't believe we weren't traumatized as kids.  Every year it always becomes a joke with my class because I use this same line.  I survived...right?

I'll be handing these out on the last day of school!

Off to finish up report cards.


  1. Very cute!

  2. Just found your adorable blog! You should join our Daily 5 book study!
    Mel D
    Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

    1. THANKS for checking out my blog! I use the Daily 5 (well actually I have 7. I added poetry and math) and will be checking out the book study!