October 18, 2012

More on Spiders

Here's more of the work we did with Spiders.  We talked about schema (our background knowledge) and wrote what we already knew on Post-Its.

Then they made webs and spiders.

To make them, it does take some prep time.  I bought black plates, cut out the middle, and hole punched around the plate.  I tape a long piece of yarn to the back and the kids weaved.

To make the spiders, I bought styrofoam balls.  I had to paint them black.  The kids glued on the eyes and pushed the pipe cleaners (legs) into the foam ball.

The kids who wanted them in the web just wrapped the spider legs around the yarn.  If they wanted them hanging, I tied a piece of yarn around a spider's leg and tied it to the web.

I think they look "almost" real and teachers passing by have commented on them!


  1. Love the spiders webs! How did they make them?


  2. Just added the details to my blog!!