October 16, 2012

Real Squirrels Vs. Scaredy Squirrel

We completed this work last week but I wanted to show you our finished work.  We read informational books on squirrels and then read the Scaredy Squirrel series.  The kids completed a Venn diagram to compare the two.

Our mini-lesson was "Good readers make connections."  We talked about Scaredy Squirrel and ALL of his fears.  The kids and I brainstormed what we're afraid of.  I told them even adults have fears.  I'm afraid of heights and flying.  Yikes!!

Students completed a worksheet, stated their fear, and showed what they'd need in order to face it.

Side note...I found these CUTE lion tags at the Dollar Store. They fit perfectly into my classroom!!  I plan on displaying work of students who do their best!

Scaredy Squirrel Worksheet
The worksheet we completed is on my TpT Store for FREE!!

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