January 16, 2013

This Teacher Needs a Break!!

So I had the sweetest student (with the biggest grin) tell me yesterday that I needed to take a break.  To me, this mean't I looked AWFUL!!  He even said he'd teach for me today!!  Is it wrong if I told him to be wearing a tie and to be prepared because I'd be napping in the back?

I knew when the bell rang at the end of the day he'd follow through and be ready the next day.

Guess who showed up today wearing a tie and had a handful of books in his backpack?  Meet Mr. Frink, my new substitute teacher.

Taking a nap while he WASN'T looking!
Today, I'll be napping in the back!!


  1. So adorable! I hope he had a great day:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Oh he did!! I'm sure he won't forget this. He was going over directions, helping kiddos, checking papers, and even cleaning up!! He just might be my new assistant...even though my principal said she wouldn't be able to pay him!! :o)

  3. That's my boy!! I'm so proud of him.


    1. Awe, he's an AMAZING little boy and he did a great job today!!