January 25, 2013

Laptop Out of Commission....

SooOooo...I'm going to try to post about our week a bit later but my school laptop is out of commission and I was told I might get it back in a week (fingers crossed).

I'm borrowing an old laptop from school for the time being and the most I can do is check mail and take attendance. It's pretty slooooow so I'm not spending much time on it.

If you notice I haven't posted or your looking for the latest update on what your child has been up to I'm not ignoring my  blog.  We'll see what I can post later.

I'm sure I'll be showing withdrawal symptoms seeing I do EVERYTHING on my laptop!!  I keep telling myself I can make it a week and this might be a nice little break but then reality sets in and I think of everything I should/could be doing.  Yikes!!

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