February 7, 2013

Happy 100th Day of School

Have you ever used Oldster?  This is one of the funniest apps on the IPad that I've seen.  Here I am at 100.  I'm still lookin' pretty good, right?  I'm sure that's all natural hair color and not from a bottle.  Of course I took pictures of the kids too...not just of me!

Today, we celebrated the 100th day of school.  The kids rotated to each first grade classroom and had an activity to do.  They exercised, put together 100 piece puzzles, stamped, made Cheerio necklaces, and made portraits of themselves at 100.  We had a BLAST!!

I have SOO much to share but I still don't have my laptop back.  I know when I do get it back, I'll have the longest post ever.

I'm beginning to fall into the state of being of feeling really relaxed and not consumed with work but I have a list of things brewing up that I want to get done.

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