February 15, 2013

Winter Wellness Day

Today we celebrated Winter Wellness Day.  This is a FANTASTIC way to send kids off on vacation.  It involves LOTS of moving and just being kids.

We had a morning assembly, made trail mix for a snack, moved to Zumba, and made bird feeders.

Students also worked as a team to build a snowman.  It quickly turned into a dragon and we used our bird feeders as the teeth and spikes!

We also spent the afternoon taking a nature hike on the bike path.  Students spotted deer tracks and even found this log shelter in the woods.

The kids thought it was the LOOONGEST walk ever (but really it wasn't).  Since they were SO tired I found a spot for them to slide down.

The last photo had be cracking up.  My kiddo came right down the hill and landed on his belly.  He got up with snow on his face but was ready to go again.  The entire walk back, the kids would find more clear spots to slide down.

We had so much fun today and the kids said it was the best day.  

Have a restful vacation!!

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