November 20, 2013

Colonial Times

Students have been learning A LOT about the colonial period.

We began by learning about the Mayflower and why the Pilgrims sailed to the New World.  We created a bulleted list of facts we learned.

After the read aloud, many said they wouldn't want to be on a ship for that long! Sleeping on the floor, dirty clothes, and hard biscuits didn't appeal to them.

They also listened to read alouds about what life was like for kids during this time.  After each book we completed the T Chart for boys and girls.

Students learned school was VERY different too.  Boys had to bring logs to keep the fire going and if they didn't they sat in the back. Once kids learned to read and write they were usually done school. Discipline was also much harsher (YIKES)!

Next up, we'll complete a Venn Diagram comparing kids then to now!

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