November 16, 2016

Turkey Writing

We've been consumed (not the eating part yet) with turkey work!!

This week I introduced our narrative story planner by having my class make a class book.  I have it as a FREEBIE at my TpT Store (Narrative Story Planner).  After reading Run, Turkey, Run! we began to plan our own run away turkey story.

Image result for run, turkey run

So, sit back and relax!  Here's our story called, Scaredy Squirrel and the Runaway Turkey.  How creative it was for a student to suggest adding Scaredy Squirrel, one of our FAVORITE characters!!

We also did some informational writing on How to Cook a Turkey.  Students also made a turkey by coloring a coffee filter and dipping it into water.  Once dry they added the face and legs.  

They look cute hanging up in the hall.

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