January 3, 2012

"ArrRrrr" The Pirate Craze Has Begun

My kiddos have been right into pirates so I decided this would be the best time (right after break) to have them work on a class book about pirates.

They've been listening to some great read alouds.

We created a Braid Beard Character Map today with the focus being on adjectives.  After we made a class map, each made his/her own.

Another 10 minute drawing and quick coloring!

Our mini-lesson for writing was reviewing Focus Maps.  We've learned that good writers pick a topic and focus in on one idea.  We created a Pirate Focus Map and decided as a class we wanted to write an adventure story.

Sooo MANY topics to write about.  We needed to narrow it down!
So far we have created a talking lead.  Our main character is Pirate Death (creepy) who is on Pirate Island with a map looking for buried treasure.

I can't wait to see what they come up with tomorrow!!

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