January 19, 2012

More Penguins!!

We've been learning so much about penguins.  We talked about our schema and added Post-Its to our penguin.  The kids then discussed new facts they learned.

Today we completed Penguins Can, Have, Are.  Here's the worksheet I used if you'd like a copy.

Penguins Can, Have, Are

The kids made their own penguins too.  I showed them two examples and told them to go at it!  I like when they take off and create their own artwork without much direction from me.  It's so nice to see their unique creations.  After they made their penguins they had to write 3 facts on snowballs.  

Here's a copy of the snowballs I had them write on.

Here they are!  Of course trying to balance the penguin on his/her head was a highlight.

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