January 26, 2012

Would you Look Like this in a Snow Globe?

Today we had art so our Writer's Workshop was not as long.  We brainstormed what we would do if we lived in a snow globe.

Here's how I'd look!!  Of course the kids laughed at my art and said I looked FUNNY!  My response...how would you look if you were squished into a snow globe?

If I lived in a snow globe I would feel REALLY squished!  How would I be able to do anything?

The kids had GREAT ideas!  I had them draw with pencil and crayon and then they used watercolor to brush over with some blue.  Here are some examples!

I had one boy brave enough (Xander) to write he'd throw snowballs at me!!  Haha, I was laughing out loud.


  1. Your picture of you stuck in the globe is rather impressive!

    Forever in First

    1. Thanks!! I've always LOVED art!! I planned on being more productive while the kiddos were at art (planning, photocopying, running around like a crazy woman) but I sat for 20 minutes and did this!