December 15, 2013

More About Writing

Carter was SO proud of his writing I told him I'd put it right on the blog!!

I complete Guided Reading Plus with ALL of my reading groups.  I feel it's so important for all students to be responding to books they're reading.  On the first day, I complete a quick word work lesson, introduce the book, and we practice reading.  On day two, we respond to our reading.

This is the PERFECT opportunity for me to spend quality one on one time with each kiddo.  They get direct instruction on skills they're working on.  We work on spelling, punctuation, spacing, and letter formation.

I feel they make so much progress not only in their writing but also their illustrations.  LOOK at those polar bears!!

Students will continue to work on their gingerbread stories.  The kids were amazed with how many versions there are of the story.  They planned their stories using a planner and began writing.  I'm hoping to finish them up before break.

And the PERFECT ending to a long week.  During Take Home Journal writing I found this gem!!  It definitely put a smile on my face.  When I asked what he mean't by "Lyons' Style."  He told me, "You know style.  You have style!"

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