December 20, 2013

What Does the Teacher Say?

So my kids absolutely love the song, "What Does the Fox Say?" and there are times I even hear them whisper singing it.  The first time I saw this video I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Men REALLY dressed as foxes.  I'm still not sure how this song became so popular with the kiddos.

Take a look at this remake.  Vacation is now here and I'm sitting on the couch chuckling (completely relaxed).  I'm sure my husband is wondering what is so funny.

I found myself making MANY of these comments today and I'm also wondering where the pencils go.  I hope this mystery is solved one day!!

I hope you get a good laugh too.

What Does the Teacher Say

1 comment:

  1. There Needs To Be A Like Button. I Know What The Fox Says......Ah-Na-Nah-Nah-Na-Annoying. lol